Qingdao Dafeng Sealing Parts Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Dafeng Sealing Parts Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Dafeng Sealing Parts Co., Ltd. which started in 1982, locates in Jiao¨nan Qingdao, has total capital of more than 30 million yuan. Dafeng is specializing in manufacturing all kinds of sealing products, organic wynthesized resin and fragrance, which has sufficent selling markets and good public praises in Southeast Asia & European countries.

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The base materials of Wear Rings are made from laminations of cotton fabric impregnated with thermosetting phenolic resin.
Wear Rings are normally applied to the hydraulic cylinder of construction equipment due to the high dimensional accuracy, heat-resisting property, and good creep property.
Weight can be lightened up to the 1/5 of a metallic type.
Superior to water resistance, chemical resistance, self lubrication, wear resistance and foreign partiles interfere.
Minimizing noise factors and damage to the mated shafts.
Outstanding insulation features out of non-conductible character.
Substitution with metallic bearing type will create better function and economize the money.

[Application Range]
Type|Condition|Range #200A
Grease reservoir system periodical lubrication Dripping lubrication Oil bath or forced lubrication
Allowable Max.load
200 200 200
Allowable Max.speed
200 200 900
Allowable Max.PV value
1,000 200 2,000
Usable Temperature
100 1,500 150

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